Hear why our clients love our services

“I am the manager of the Fidelity Title / Chicago Title operation in Garden City NY. By corporate mandate we are required to have a Disaster Management Plan in place for our operation. Dale Austin guided us through this challenging process in a professional and efficient manner, and also demonstrated why such a plan has practical benefits. The issues involved with these plans are not the usual business issues we deal with, so Dale's expertise and experience were essential to getting this done properly. I would highly recommend Dale if you are considering adopting a business continuity plan. You will be in excellent hands.”

Peter C. Molloy, Esq. - Fidelity National Title
Garden City, NY

“Dale Austin has been an excellent resource over the years for my Agency operation's Business Continuity Planning. Dale is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and ‘goes the extra-mile’. He takes the time to explain the thought process and the benefits behind disaster response planning and has helped create specific plans for my operation. I hope I never have to utilize the response plans we’ve created, but I know that if it ever comes to that, I’ll be back in business as quickly and easily as possible.”

Matt London - Western Region Agency

“Lawyers Title San Diego emphatically endorses Dale Austin and his critical role in overseeing our Business Continuity Plan. We recognize the inherent value of the program and the necessary annual evaluation of our disaster preparedness. Dale's personal involvement in supporting and educating our operation reinforces the importance of relationships in our ever changing relationship driven business. Our office appreciates and commends Dale on his knowledge, attention to detail and overall graciousness in ensuring our Business Continuity Program is ready for enactment should the need arise. He is indeed a pleasure to work with.”

Karla Howard - Lawyers Title Insurance Company
San Diego, CA

“I am a co-owner of Wagon Wheel Title and Escrow, LLC, a title company in Nashville, TN. When my underwriter advised me to get a Disaster Management Plan in place, I was confused and skeptical. Mostly, I was thinking it was a waste of money and time, neither of which I like to throw around. Honestly, it was one of the most helpful exercises in which our management has participated. In 3 short phone calls, we had an in-depth Disaster Management Plan specifically detailed to our company needs. The plan was cost effective and forced us to think through the scenarios that we never take the time to sit and think through. Now, thanks to Dale Austin's professionalism, skills and great attitude (he's funny!), my company has the Disaster Management Plan, as well as a full client list with contact information and a full vendor list with contact information (we’ve been in business for 6 years and never had either!). I’d highly recommend not only this process, but specifically, Dale Austin!”

Angie Lawless - Owner | Wagon Wheel Title and Escrow LLC

“It is hard enough to get up each morning and have a set plan for the day, but do you ever think about having an established plan in the event of a disaster, whether it is personal or professional? Dale Austin was very successful in convincing our operation that we needed a Business Continuity Plan in the face of a catastrophe. He was extremely instrumental in helping us develop a plan specific to the needs of our operation. Through careful risk evaluation and business impact analysis, our office worked with Dale in building a continuity and disaster recovery plan to prepare for any disruption in service to our customers. Thankfully, we have not had to implement our plan; but we take comfort in knowing that we are ready in the face of adversity. Thank you Dale Austin and Continuity Secure for your invaluable service and support of such an important component to the overall success of any business.”

Marybeth Meyers - Fidelity National Title
South Carolina

“The Business Continuity Planning process is very confusing and can be time consuming. My group has over 170 people, with people working from 5 different states. We use over 30 different computer programs to process our work. We process over 25,000 orders per month for over 20 customers covering 3 states. It is absolutely critical that we know what to do if a disaster strikes and interrupts our work processes. Having someone who understands the whole process and is able to share with you his knowledge is invaluable. That is what Dale Austin brings to the process. He will ask thought provoking questions that will help you pinpoint the important areas you need to address in planning your Disaster Management Program. He was always available for questions that helped clarify the process for us. He will help you test your plan so that you know that everything is covered.

Having Dale as part of our team to put together our Disaster Management Program allowed us to create a comprehensive plan that I feel confident will help us work through events that may arise that would impact our work processes. Maintaining our processes with little to no interruption allows our customers to have confidence in our ability to serve them.”

Natalie Bombardier – Agency Manager | Fidelity National Title South Carolina Agency

“We may be poster children for business continuity planning. In 2010 and 2011, we made a concerted effort to “go paperless”. In early 2012, Dale Austin with Continuity Secure visited us to perform mandatory corporate business continuity “testing”, which translates to “Dale came to help.” Like everyone else, we thought we would never use the plan we established through that process.

On September 27, 2012, fire struck our office building. Once we confirmed no one was hurt, we quickly put our plan into motion. The very next day, we were doing business from my home. I will never forget that day. We assisted a customer with a multi-million dollar commercial closing, including wiring funds, and we were available to all of our customers via e-mail and cell phones. Because our files are electronic, we had all the information we needed at our fingertips.

The plan worked! Customers tell us we never skipped a beat. I was recently asked whether we would file an insurance claim for business interruption. I responded that we can't prove that loss because our income is up against budget and year-over-year, thanks to Dale's expert assistance.”

Claire Manning - CT South Carolina Agency